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When is the right time to consult an eye specialist?

People say that eyes never lie and guess what, when it comes to your inner health eyes do speak a lot and all true. Eyes form the mirror image of your inner self and this statement is both poetically and medically verified. They reflect the early signs of various diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, etc. The best eye specialists of Sohna Road suggest that regular eye checkups are an important part of a healthy lifestyle as it helps you to identify many health problems like diabetes at an early stage. Identifying health problems at an early stage helps us deal with them efficiently by getting the necessary treatment immediately.

In today’s busy lifestyle where people have kept their health at last in their priority list, it would be not justified to expect regular eye checkups from them. But least people should be aware of the situations when they have no escape from consulting an eye specialist.

Here are some signals which indicate that it is the high time one should consult an eye specialist:-

1. Vision issues:-

No matter bearable or unbearable, vision issues should not be neglected. It can lead to serious problems landing you into the darkness of blindness too. If you are dealing with vision issues such as double vision, eye strain, halos around bright lights and increase in floaters then these may be because of a detached retina and demands immediate medical attention as if left untreated it may lead to loss of vision.

2. Constant headache:-

Constant headache is the sign that you need to consult an eye specialist immediately. Many eye problems like glaucoma, digital vision syndrome, computer vision syndrome, etc. are the furnace of headaches. People who work on computers and laptops for hours have a complaint of pressurized eyes which is again the reason for a headache. Thus, to get rid of these headaches it is better to get advice from your eye doctor so that things don’t get worse for you.

3. Diabetes:-

If you are diabetic or diabetes runs in your family, you should consult an eye specialist regularly without any excuses. It is because diabetes is the core reason for many eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. All these diseases cause severe damage to your eyes.

4. Eye infection:-

Eye infections are easy to catch because eyes are very sensitive organs and can be allergic to many things like pollens, pet dander, dust mites, smoke, etc. which sometimes become unbearable. They cause red itchy eyes, blurred vision, and eye secretion. These infections can further lead to serious eye problems. Therefore, if you have an eye infection you need to consult an eye specialist immediately.


Regular eye checkups are very important for maintaining eye health. Although the signs mentioned above underline the high time when you should consult an eye specialist, regular checkups will prevent these signs even from occurring.

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