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retina specialist in gurgaon
13 Apr, 2020

Retinal Migraine – Causes, Symptoms and More

The term retinal migraine is often misunderstood to mean any migraine that involves any visual symptoms or a migraine with visual symptoms but without the headache phase of the attack. The retinal migraine is a type of migraine that results in temporary vision loss or disturbance of vision of one eye. It is a rare […]
Best Eye Clinic in Gurgaon
18 Mar, 2020

How to Find the Best Eye Clinic in Gurgaon?

Eyes reflect the beauty of your soul and define a lot about your personality. Whenever your lips are zipped, eyes come to rescue your emotions. They are the reason for glittering colourful things in your life. Therefore, when it comes to health and care, definitely your eyes deserve the best treatment. To be more precise […]
Healthy Gums
11 Mar, 2020

6 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Bright white smile and straight teeth are not the only parameters of oral health. You need to take equal care of your gums to ensure a healthy lip cavity. Even if your teeth are completely healthy, and you visit your dentist regularly and do not have a cavity, that doesn’t mean that you are immune […]
Protect your teeth
22 Feb, 2020

7 Daily Ways You Should Follow to Protect Your Teeth

A good smile opens the doors of ample opportunities for you. Smile is the best ornament that suits every attire and is never out of fashion. It is rightly said that if you want to know what someone’s about, check their smile. The beautiful show of pearly whites not only builds the ambiance of positive […]
Eye Specialist
20 Feb, 2020

When is the right time to consult an eye specialist?

People say that eyes never lie and guess what, when it comes to your inner health eyes do speak a lot and all true. Eyes form the mirror image of your inner self and this statement is both poetically and medically verified. They reflect the early signs of various diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, […]
Fluoride treatment
22 Jan, 2020

What are the benefits, side effects and recommendations for Fluoride treatment?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that prevents cavities. It restores minerals to tooth enamel (outer protective layer of each tooth) and prevents harmful bacteria from building up in the mouth. Fluoride treatment has been an essential oral treatment for decades and is extremely helpful when you are at high risk of developing dental caries or […]
Dry eye syndrome
22 Jan, 2020

Dry eye syndrome – causes, symptoms and diagnosis

Dry eyes might be a symbol of heroic presentation in a cinematic world but in real life, this may cause discomfort and sudden decrease in one’s ability to see. In medical terms, it is called dry eye syndrome. Top eye clinics in Gurgaon define dry eye syndrome as a condition in which your eyes don’t […]
Digital Eye Strain
21 Jan, 2020

The 20-20-20 Rule : Preventing Digital Eye Strain

In today’s time, with the increased use of mobile phones, tablets, computers, and laptops our eyes have to endure a lot. Spending a long span looking at the screens of the above-mentioned gadgets can strain the eyes. Symptoms that indicate eye strain include eye-watering, blurred vision, headaches, eye redness, and dry eyes. The eye strain […]
Eye Health
21 Jan, 2020

The 9 Most Important Vitamins for Eye Health

Eyes are the window of your soul. They speak all that which your lips sometimes shiver to do. The beauty of the eyes has always remained motivation for the words of poets and lyricists. But these beautiful organs are equally complex that need many different vitamins and nutrients to function properly. Eyecare is very important […]
dental clinic sohna road gurgaon
21 Jan, 2020

5 Dental Care Tips To Improve Your Teeth Health

What adds beauty and charm to your face is a smile and to have a beautiful bright smile to offer, it is necessary to have healthy teeth. Teeth care is a very important aspect of your overall health and when it comes to oral health, teeth care is of prime importance. To keep your teeth […]